Reformation Relevance

Synod’s theme for the celebration of the 500th Anniversary of the Reformation is

It’s Still All about Jesus!

How is the Reformation relevant?

The heart of the Reformation is the pure, sweet Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Burdened by Sin

Pre-Reformaton understanding of God

Demands Obedience


Requires Righteousness

Coming to Judge

Additional Burdens

The Pre-Reformation church added more burdens




Bible in Latin

One fundamental truth changed everything

Salvation is a gift given through faith because of what Christ has done.

Luther discovered that righteousness is a gift from God through Christ.

On the cross, Jesus bore the weight of our sin and set us free from sin, death, and the power of the devil.

Justified by grace through faith because of Jesus

God places the burden of our sin onto Jesus.

Salvation is not through our works. Forgiveness is not something we earn.

God's mercy saves sinners through Jesus' death and resurrection. All who trust in Christ are saved.

Justified by grace through faith because of Jesus

The Church removes the burden of sin through the Means of Grace:

The preaching of the Word and Holy Absolution

The Sacrament of Holy Baptism

The Sacrament of the Lord's Supper

Trust in Jesus Christ alone…

Luther said that one need only to place trust in Jesus Christ alone and His good work on the cross.

Comfort is located squarely in Jesus Christ, nowhere else.

It’s that simple.


Sin is still a burden

We still need forgiveness

Death is still our enemy

Jesus bore the burden of our sin on the cross

Jesus freely forgives

We have a living hope in Jesus' resurrection

We are His witness

The quieting of people’s consciences through the preaching of the Good News of Jesus still is needed close by and beyond the oceans.

Good works of mercy are done by the church near and far, not to earn God’s favor, but to serve those in need. God doesn’t need our good works; our neighbor does.

Missionaries are sent to the inner city and abroad, including places like Ferguson, MO; Cincinnati, OH; Brownsville, TX; Spain; Chile; Sri Lanka; and the Dominican Republic.

500 Years and the truth remains

God's Word is still true.

Christ died and rose to forgive your sins.

It’s Still All About Jesus

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