The congregation resource kit for the Reformation celebration contains downloadable materials to promote your congregation’s observation of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The kit includes bulletin announcements, bulletin blurbs, social media memes, posters, a newspaper article, an op-ed article, a church newsletter article, and a banner template. Many of these resources can be customized to include your congregation’s name and contact information.

How To Guide

Start with the How to Guide for descriptions of the items in the kits and ideas on how to use them!


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Congregational Resources


Poster (Congregations)

This poster is designed in two sizes, 8½ by 11 and 11 by 17 inches, for display within your church to promote the celebration to your members/visitors.
8½ x 11 11 x 17

Bulletin Inserts/Blurbs

Bulletin blurbs and inserts are included to be reproduced and placed in your worship bulletin.

Bulletin Inserts
The bulletin inserts are longer, designed to be half-page inserts into your bulletin.

Bulletin Blurbs

The blurbs are short enough to be copied and pasted into the announcement section of your bulletin, or wherever makes sense in your situation.
Download Bulletin Blurbs

Church Newsletter Article/Blurbs

Newsletter articles in varying lengths are included for your church newsletter. They are customizable to fit your congregation and situation.
Download Church Newsletter Article

Download Church Newsletter Blurbs

Community Resources

One way to help the community learn about your congregation is to sponsor a sporting or cultural event, seasonal festival/celebration, 4-H activity, booth at the county fair, or something else. You can then advertise any event(s) pertaining to the Reformation anniversary celebration at your church.


Poster (Community)

This poster is designed in two sizes, 8½ by 11 and 11 by 17 inches, for display in the community to advertise events at your congregation or the Reformation anniversary in general. Look for visible, high-traffic places to hang the poster, such as trailheads, community bulletin boards, grocery stores, the library, coffee shops, etc.

8½ x 11 11 x 17

Newspaper Ads

Pay for ads in local newspapers and event programs. We have provided a graphic that will enhance your newspaper ad.

Horizontal Color PDF Horizontal Black & White PDF

Horizontal Color AI Horizontal Black & White AI


Vertical Color PDF Vertical Black & White PDF

Vertical Color AI Vertical Black & White AI

Newspaper Article

Local newspapers are often open to article submissions. An article for the local paper is included here. The article can be tailored to your situation, and the contact information for your congregation can be added to encourage people to call/visit/ask questions. Contact the religion editor at your local paper to find out how to submit an article. With your article you should include any pertinent pictures as well as a suggested headline.
Download Newspaper Article

Newspaper Op-Ed Article

An op-ed article is also included. Often newspapers will allow people to publish op-ed pieces that express an opinion about an event relevant to the community or time.
Download Newspaper Op-Ed Article

Banner (8’ x 3’)

The banner design can be sent to a printer and hung outside your church to advertise and attract visitors to upcoming and special events.

Download Banner PDF Download Banner AI

Social Media Memes

Social media memes are included for use on your congregation’s social media page(s). You can post them in your news feed.

ref500-kit-social-media-meme-1   ref500-kit-social-media-meme-2  ref500-kit-social-media-meme-3  ref500-kit-social-media-meme-4  ref500-kit-social-media-meme-5

Reformation Talking Points

The celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation brings rejoicing, but it also serves as a catalyst for questions. These talking points are designed to prepare you to answer common questions about Martin Luther and the Reformation.

Reformation Talking Points