Treasures of the Reformation

Using pieces from “Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation”, the Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, president of The Lutheran Church-Missouri Synod teaches interesting and important facts about the Reformation. The 500th anniversary of the Reformation provides an excellent opportunity to recall and learn the importance of Luther’s teachings on the truth of God’s love for people by grace along, by faith alone, by Scripture alone, through Christ alone.

Treasures of the Reformation: Volume 1

Volume 1 highlights: Wittenberg, relics, an Indulgence box, Indulgences, the Theology of the Cross, the Common Chest, Luther’s marriage, a physician’s plague mask, Luther’s home life, and the Cranach Bible.

Treasures of the Reformation: Volume 2

Volume 2 highlights: Luther as professor, the role of debate, Bugenhagen, Altar art, Luther’s pulpit and preaching, Luther’s death, John Frederick’s defeat, John Frederick’s life, the expulsion of Magdeburg, and the Heidlberg family.

Individual videos

1. Wittenberg, Germany: The City of Luther and the Reformation

2. Relics: There’s Only One that Counts

3. Sixteenth-century Indulgence Box: Trying to Buy Salvation

4. The Pope Supported the Sale of Indulgences; Christ Gives Grace for Free

5. The Cross Alone Is Our Theology

6. The Common Chest Ensures Everyone’s Needs Are Met

7. Ex-monk Marries Ex-Nun

8. 16th Century Physician’s Mask

9. The Care of Souls

10. Cranach Bible

11. Professor Luther

12.Debate Lectern from Wittenberg

13. Johannes Bugenhagen

14. Gotha Altar

15. Pulpit

16. Wooden sculpture for Luther’s tomb

17. Defeat of John Frederick

18. John Frederick plays chess

19. Charles V expels Magdeburg from HRE

20. Epitaph for Heidelberg Family