Behind each word in Martin Luther’s collection of writings was the heart of a pastor and the soul of a man who sought comfort in Christ’s peace and forgiveness above all else. As he wrestled with matters of faith in preaching, studying, defending, and reflecting on Scripture, Luther created a treasure chest for Christians in years to come.

Rev. Dr. C. F. W. Walther found great companionship in the works of his sainted brother in Christ. In Walther’s 1887 paper titled “The Fruitful Reading of the Writings of Luther,” he offered insight for how to approach a basic reading of the prolific reformer’s works. His thoughts are a result of the deep experiences he had with Luther’s words throughout his life. He shared the following heartfelt advice in his paper:

“A man ought to make it a rule for himself to read something in Luther’s writings every day. He should especially flee to them when he needs to be refreshed for his work, is tired, forsaken, in need of counsel, and feels miserable. He should especially read the letters, for they cheer, strengthen, and revive.”

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