Does the Lutheran Reformation Have a Future?

Five hundred years ago this month, 32-year-old Martin Luther lived as a monk in Wittenberg. He earned his doctorate and soon began lecturing on the Psalms and Romans and would eventually preach well over 2,000 sermons in the City Church before he died in 1546.

The Hinge of History

A 1900s historian called Luther’s stand at Worms the hinge of history because it launched us into the modern age. Why was it a turning point? What changed?

A Mighty Fortress

by Dr. Albert B. Collver As a boy I remember celebrating our bicentennial in 1976. Everyone was proud to be an American, or so it seemed to a child. All across the nation were decorations of red, white, and blue. Fireworks lit up the night sky and parades rolled down the streets of cities and… Read More >