Formula of Concord Study: Introduction

by Rev. Aaron Moldenhauer This post is the first in a series of monthly studies in the Formula of Concord.   Historical Background to the Formula of Concord The Lutheran churches in the Holy Roman Empire experienced great turmoil after Martin Luther’s death in 1546. There were two causes for this turmoil: political and theological…. Read More >

Albrecht Durer’s “Adoration of the Holy Trinity”

by Dcs. Carolyn S. Brinkley In his oil painting, “Adoration of the Holy Trinity,” Albrecht Dürer gives you, the viewer, the opportunity to see a dazzling vision of Heaven with your very own eyes as it is happening at this very moment. Standing before the masterpiece, which today is housed in the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna, is a glorious… Read More >

The Augsburg Interim

by Dr. Jack Kilcrease Shortly after the death of Luther in 1546, Pope Paul the III entered into an agreement with the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles the V.  This agreement stipulated that Charles would go to war against everyone who opposed the Council of Trent.  This was the council that the Pope had called a… Read More >

Faithful Women of the Reformation

by Dcs. Betsy Karkan When asked to make a list of notable women of the reformation, it is not surprising that most of the lists people come up with look something like this: Katie Luther … If your list bears a similar resemblance to the one above, know that you are in good company.  Katie… Read More >

Luther on the Cross and Suffering

by Rev. Matthew Zickler Right now we are observing the season of Easter. We are celebrating the resurrection of our Lord on the first Easter Sunday; that our Lord Jesus Christ, by His sacrifice for us on the cross and by His resurrection from the tomb, has won the victory for us over Sin, Death… Read More >

Johann Walter

by Jonathan Swett Johann Walter lived through the early and late years of the Lutheran Reformation, and as the “first cantor of the Lutheran Church,” significantly shaped the musical life of the church of that period and the centuries that followed.  Much like Martin Luther, Walter devoted considerable effort to developing a proper understanding of… Read More >

Catechism Study: The Lord’s Prayer

by Rev. Mark Bestul As recorded in Luke 11, the disciples ask Jesus to teach them how to pray, and he does not respond with comments about posture or attitude or sentiment, but with specific words that serve as a foundation on which all Christian prayer is built. When Luther taught Master Peter the Barber… Read More >

Johannes Bugenhagen

by Rev. Stephen Preus If the Reformation is compared to a vine, the work of men like Johannes Bugenhagen may be likened to a trellis. Bugenhagen was a reformer without whom much evangelical fruit would have withered. Most know him as pastor of the city church in Wittenberg, and therefore Martin Luther’s pastor, but he… Read More >

Luther on the Office of the Ministry

by Rev. A Brian Flamme Feet are not especially beautiful, if I may say so. They’re often callused, gnarled looking things that wear out quickly from age and mileage. When you rack up enough miles on your car’s tires, you change them out. Not so with feet. And yet, St. Paul quoting the prophet Isaiah… Read More >