Luther and Islam, Part 1: The Civil Realm

Luther published a treatise called On War Against the Turk. In this work, he distinguishes between the two men who should fight against the Turk, “and there ought to be only two: the one is named Christian, the other, Emperor Charles.” When the emperor takes up this task in obedience to God, he also serves his neighbors by providing protection for his subjects and a good conscience for his soldiers.

Cranach’s “Let the Little Children Come to Me”

Although Cranach was not an ordained pastor, he was most certainly a theologian, using his skills with paint and brush to visually proclaim the mercy of Christ. It is Jesus who takes the little children, embraces them, and makes them His own. His grace is pure gift! Christ is the heart and center of the painting and the Christian faith drawing all people to Himself in the blessing of the sacrament of Holy Baptism.

Nicolaus Decius

The contributions of Nicolaus Decius to Lutheran hymnody, although few, actually predate the first published hymns of Martin Luther by one year. Two of these settings have survived in Lutheran hymnals of recent decades, “All Glory Be to God on High” and “Lamb of God, Pure and Holy.”

Johann Gerhard

Gerhard could move from the sick-bed to the classroom, from the pulpit to the lecture hall, from writing devotional material to composing a dogmatic textbook, because for him the task was the same, to lead people into all truth in Christ. He could vary his delivery of this truth to fit the circumstance, but the truth always remained the same, and his concern for that truth remained the same.

Robert Barnes: A Lutheran Martyr in England

by Rev. Anthony Dodgers July 30 is the commemoration of Robert Barnes, Confessor and Martyr. But his name might not be well known, even among those who study the Lutheran Reformation in Germany. This is probably because, unlike most Lutherans of the 16th century, Barnes was not German. He was an Englishman, who served his… Read More >

Johann Sebastian Bach

Never has there been or likely ever will be a performing or composing talent such as Johann Sebastian Bach who devoted nearly his entire professional musical life to service in the Lutheran Church. As we rejoice in the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, let us also rejoice in the contributions and influence of J.S. Bach, giving all glory to God for His many blessings!

Christ’s Presence in the Sacrament

Luther draws a distinction between God being present and God being present for you. Luther writes “[God] is there for you when he adds his Word and binds himself, saying, ‘Here you are to find me.’ Now when you have the Word, you can grasp and have him with certainty and say, ‘Here I have thee, according to thy Word.’”

Lutherans and the Early Church Fathers

The Lutheran Reformation did not sweep away their predecessors into the dustbin of history. They were returning to the pure doctrine that the Church had taught from the time of Christ all the way up to their time.

Saints’ Days

by Rev. Dr. Mark Birkholz Most people know that St. Valentine’s Day is on February 14 and St. Patrick’s Day is on March 17.  But do you know what the date is for St. Matthew’s Day?  Or St. Joseph’s Day?  Most of the important people in the Bible, and many figures throughout the history of… Read More >