Bible Study with Luther: Genesis 3:1-6

by Rev. Jesse Burns In the second article of the Augsburg Confession, Lutherans confess, “It is also taught among us that since the fall of Adam all men who are born according to the course of nature are conceived and born in sin. That is, all men are full of evil lust and inclinations from… Read More >

Luther’s Reform of the Mass

by Rev. Dr. Mark Birkholz If you want to start an argument among Lutherans, just bring up the topic of worship and the liturgy.  Strong opinions exist along the spectrum, from those who would advocate a more casual, informal style of worship with very few traditional elements, to those who insist on following a very… Read More >

Lutheran Liturgical Practices During Lent

by Mr. Jonathan Swett Each year, the Christian church embarks on a forty-day journey leading up to Easter, known as the season of Lent.  When discussing Lenten liturgical practices of Lutherans, I believe one can distinguish three different categories into which each practice can be placed: Visual, Historical/Traditional, and Emotional/Spiritual.  It can be debated; however,… Read More >

Smalcald Articles Study: The First and Chief Article

by Rev. Aaron Moldenhauer Throughout the Reformation, calls for a general council of the church to discuss religious issues were discussed and negotiated. One instance of these negotiations came in 1536, when Pope Paul III called for a council to begin in 1537. The Lutherans, wary of submitting themselves to a council that would be… Read More >

Albrecht Dürer’s “Knight, Death, and the Devil”

by Deac. Carolyn Brinkley Who is the Rider? Although Albrecht Dürer’s “Knight, Death, and the Devil” has been acclaimed as one of Europe’s greatest masterwork engravings since its publication in 1513, it has also been one of the most provocative pieces of art in the past 500 years. All agree that the copper engraving is… Read More >

Bible Study with Luther: Genesis 2

by Rev. Paul Doellinger A key teaching of the Reformation is Luther’s understanding of the three estates established and instituted by God: the church, the home, and the state.[1] Already before the fall into sin God established the Church and the home. With His Word God spoke His creation into existence. With that same creative… Read More >

Luther on the Transfiguration

by Rev. Stephen Preus To consider Christ’s glorious Transfiguration on its own is eye-opening; to hear how Luther describes this glory as yours nearly bursts the eyes from their sockets, bringing hope to the Christian heart. Luther’s use of the Transfiguration to teach the hope we have in the resurrection of the body is truly… Read More >